who am I ?

I consider myself to be a grounded, reliable and capable person and I take my commitments seriously and with integrity. My life experiences and training have been wide and varied and I feel this has provided me with a firm, reliable base from which to practice as a counsellor.

This has included over 30 years’ experience working within health services and voluntary organisations which has given me a wide-ranging experience of many issues including anxiety, dyslexia, suicide, the effects of illness on family life, living with chronic and terminal illness, sudden illness, abortion, infertility, bereavement and sudden death & many other life issues.

I am particularly interested in identity, and the self – who are we, why are we who we are? How this can both block and enable us.

"The more we know about how we lost our spontaneous wonder and creativity, the more ways we can find to get them back."
John Bradshaw